Join our EV and EFI Teams!

This year, we at UCLA SMV are planning on doing something new: building a single passenger drivable Electrical Vehicle!

If you are a talented, hands-on EE/CS major who enjoys working on a team, then we want you onboard! Interested more in software? Check out the Electronic Fuel injection (EFI) group for our gas car.

For more information, we will have an info meeting on 9/30/15 5:00 PM at the Student Creativity Center. Also feel free to send us an email at (more…)

Powering up for Fall Quarter

Thank you to all the people that stopped by at the shop to talk to the team! Hopefully all you guys are excited to start working on the design of the next SuperMileage Vehicle! If you are still on the verge about the  sub-system you want to join, come by to all the shop hours and check out the ideas of each of the sub-system leads. If you guys were not able to make it to the two meetings this week,  do not be alarmed, there are weekly meetings you can attend to find out the sub-system that is perfect for you! The weekly meetings will be Tuesdays at 6:30pm on the 2nd Floor of Boelter Hall.

The Start of a New Year

For everyone that is interested in SuperMileage at UCLA, make sure that you stop by for our first meetings! We will be able to show you guys last years car and hopefully introduce everyone to all of the leads and team members.

The upcoming meeting is scheduled for this Tuesday October 7 at 6pm for all Society of Automotive Engineers(SAE) clubs. The location will be in the Student Creativity Center on the 2nd floor of Boelter Hall.

On Wednesday at 6:30pm we will have a SMV only meeting in the same place to talk more in depth about everything we will being doing for the next year. This is the time come talk to the leads about the awesome ideas they have for our next SuperMileage Vehicle!

Hope to see everyone there!