Join our EV and EFI Teams!

This year, we at UCLA SMV are planning on doing something new: building a single passenger drivable Electrical Vehicle!

If you are a talented, hands-on EE/CS major who enjoys working on a team, then we want you onboard! Interested more in software? Check out the Electronic Fuel injection (EFI) group for our gas car.

For more information, we will have an info meeting on 9/30/15 5:00 PM at the Student Creativity Center. Also feel free to send us an email at

    Goals for the EV
  1. Integrate electric motor + battery into carbon fiber chassis
  2. Develop a custom electric motor controller
  3. Create algorithms to maximize efficiency
  4. Incorporate solar panels (in future)
    Goals for EFI
  1. Design complex algorithm to optimize fuel injection
  2. Build dynamometer to test algorithm
  3. Develop method to calibrate sensors

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