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2012-2013 Season Summary

With consistent scores across the board, UCLA Racing earned a solid 18th place in the 2013 Baja SAE West Competition.

75 universities from around the world traveled to Western Washington University for this year’s annual intercollegiate race, and the result was the most exciting Baja SAE competition in recent history. A centrally located grandstand allowed spectators a clear view of the rock crawl and endurance courses, complete with fires, rollovers, and crashes.

The Linda Li

A pre-race photoshoot displays a rare mud free view of a Baja SAE race vehicle


UCLA Racing | Baja SAE performed well across the board, scoring points in the static events and completing all the dynamic events, including the infamous rock crawl.  Head over to our results page to see a detailed breakdown of the scores.

Although UCLA did not break the top ten in the official ruling, few can argue that the best looking car award goes to #51, UCLA Racing.



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